Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Trapping's of Human Existence-

The Trapping's of Human Existence-

I have seen many times people in the community posting that gathering meat sources from the landscape is not a reality in a REAL SHTF or Long term Self Reliance Scenario, to me this seems absurd! I have been a trapper for many years, considering myself pretty good at it!, and trapping is the easiest most effective way to gather meat sources from the landscape in ANY environment, once you understand the animals behavior. I will link and article on the web that speaks to the importance of Fat and Protein based meat sources especially in a cold weather environment. I will also post a few  Nutritional facts about several of the most Common, and easy to trap animals in the US. I ran an experiment last year for 30 days, running a line of only 12 traps, all baited with Urine (animal) only and sheep wool. Some visual attractants from nature were used and in a couple cases meat left overs and fur from other catches. The following Album shows the results of 12 traps in 30 days-
I used 4 #550MB and 2 #450MB Foot Holds,2 #220 Conibears, and 2 #2 DLS's and 2 #3 DLS's

The Moral of this story is be prepared to eat what you catch cause nothing tastes that bad if you are hungry!


Here are a few more nutritional facts of the common beast



White Tail Deer

Fog Legs

Here is the Article I promised by Direct Link-
Human Biological Adaptability


  1. Great Blog - best photography I've seen in a blog. Very informative post and attached article as well - thanks.

  2. Dave, good article and pics Thank you for all you do brother...

  3. White tail Deer are so good for you. Thanks Dave.

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