Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fire School Part 3 Proper Bird Nest Construction


  1. Prep work is the bulk of the friction fire process for sure...Excellent article

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    1. Just wanted a place to Archive some of my teachings that can be found easily later as they get buried on social media format.

  3. It's funny because if I was building a friction fire I would spend a ton of time making a good tinder bundle but recently I received my first flint and steel kit, and when I want to use it. I guess I just didn't think about the bundle being so important because the ember comes so much easier than with a friction fire. Needless to say I burned through 4or5 big chucks of char cloth before lighting the fire with my Ferro Rod. haha. I learned the bundle is just as important with a flint and steel fire as it is with a friction fire.